Sammy Davis Jr

Out of college at the U. of Illinois, fired from the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, fired at WBBM-TV, CBS TV in Chicago - hired and fired from two more agencies on Michigan Ave... Discouraged, I headed to LA in '58 on Route 66 in my '57 Chevy convertible. Four years later ready to give up and head for Oregon - agreed to an art job on "spec" for gas money. A press agent learned, from his girlfriend who was from Chicago, that I had been an artist. He asked "could I draw Sammy Davis Jr."? "Sure" I answered. I had some paper and pencils still in the trunk... did the job the last night before the deadline. They ran in it the Hollywood Reporter and I went to get my $100. The agent talked me out of leaving LA. A month later I was the hottest thing in Hollywood. I was invited to that opening at the Cocoanut Grove. Sammy introduced me to the audience - spotlight and all. For the next thirty years whenever I would see Sam, he would hug and kiss me on the cheek.

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