Judy Garland

I remember a chilly and gray March day, strange for LA. I was to attend a meeting at the Century Plaza Hotel in the main conference room. Suit and tie, I went into the room. Eight or ten men were huddled quietly speaking in hushed tones. Small round ceiling lights, sent stage-like beams down to a small face wrapped in a fur collar sitting at the far end of the room. She was too famous, and her reputation was way beyond real life. So, she sat, smiling slightly, alone at the head of the long table. The side chairs were empty, so I could see she had pretty legs. She looked right at my eyes and she smiled wider. Then, she pushed the chair next to her and patted the seat. I went over and sat down. "Hi." I said. She smiled and clasped my hand with both of hers. "You're wonderful!" I thanked her with a wide Chicago smile as if we were on a date. She was so thin and small that I had made her that much bigger. Too big to run her name horizontal, so I ran it up the side.

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