Arnie and Me
Do I Have a Computer?
"Wanna Try This With a Computer?"
Chinese Man with Pipe
Two Male Models in DaVinci's Studio
Saddam Hussein
The Good Ol' Days
If they asked me I could write a book
Abstract Montage
"Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure"
Sandy and Sweetheart
How It Was
Lady with Wings
Erotic Abstract
Animal Abstract
Serious Thought
A Drawing I Love
The 70s
Little Dragon
My Best Friend Who I Loved
Yom Kippur - Well Then, Get Out of the House
Hollywood Homeless
They All Say Money
Saturday Night
Friday Night
Nude Male Figure
Don't Be So Negative, She Could Show Up
"But Its Still America"
You Think Its Nice Being Older?
Maybe She Doesn't Like Doggies
The President is 15 Years Younger Than Me
I Don't Feel Any Different
Karl Malone
What Can I Say?
Watercolor Abstract
Hanging Out at the Pool Hall
Hanging out at the BA
Whatever Happened to When...?
The Worms Did Do The Trick That Day
What Was I Thinking?
Thank You for Looking at My Stuff
"Its Good to be the King"
The Devil Made Me Do It
Taking Polaroids is Good and Dirty
Thank God for the United States Marines
Calling Truman
You Only Live Once
"Mother Fucker"
Nude with Cigarette
Sometimes I Just Draw
Mutual Funds Are No Fun
Pope Pius
Who's Gonna Call In Our Debt?
Portrait with Color
An Old Picture
The Ice Tea
4th of July
Mister American Man
My Resume
But Lovely
Invitation to My Exhibit at the Paley in Beverly Hills
Sitting at my Exhibit at the Payley
I Quit!
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