Faye Dunaway
The Young and the Restless
Lawrence of Arabia
Picturemaker Productions
Moscow Film Festival
Bonnie and Clyde
Eddie Fisher
Humphrey Bogart
David Bowie
Sammy Davis Jr
Liza Minnelli
Frank Sinatra
Solo Cup
The Boston Strangler
The Dirty Dozen
The Great Escape
Buffalo Springfield
Knots Landing
Steve McQueen trade ad for Le Mans
Bobby Darin
The United Artists Logo
Judy Garland
Hell in the Pacific
Johnny Mathis
Rock Hudson
Vic Damone
The Lucky Luciano Story
Henry Fonda
Diahann Carroll
Silent Movie
Diana Ross
Mick Jagger
Cracker Jack
Ray Charles
Barbra Streisand
Lean on Me
Herb Alpert
Jimmy Stewart
Cannes Film Festival
The Fugitive
Juliet Prowse
Ice Station Zebra
Sonny and Cher
Wayne Newton
Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny G.
Kirk Douglas
Police Story
The Patridge Family Logo and Animation
It Takes a Thief
The Swimmer
Peter Sellers
Natalie Wood
Joey Heatherton
Edie Adams
David Bowie
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